IN MY ARTWORKS I’m focusing on what the paradise garden we create in our homes looks like. Many of us strive to create nature in our living space and in the interior. We decorate our homes with plants and flowers, we want to be surrounded by a paradisiacal environment, we create oases that can give us the illusion of nature. In the confinement caused by the epidemic, the meaning of home has been heightened, and in this intimate space, the desire for harmony and beauty, to which we associate the image of the Garden of Eden. This inspires my oil paintings where I imagine Paradise as a contemporary still life. Nowadays, the use of various plant motifs as decorative elements, for example on home textiles, as ornaments, in the form of artificial flowers, are becoming increasingly popular in home furnishing shops. This creates oases within the built environment that gives us the illusion of nature. I aim to create compositions that could be the decorations of a contemporary home, but here only the plants will be alive, the animals will appear only on tablecloths and carpets, while the people will not appear at all or will be in the form of porcelain figurines.

Photo credit @fotostibi