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           In my artistic exploration, I delve into the profound symbolism of the miniature natural sanctuaries nestled within our urban dwellings. These petite fragments of nature serve as potent symbols of urban disenchantment, relaxation, and above all, care. In an era defined by digital omnipresence and eroding privacy, the motif of the enclosed garden and the nurturing of plants stand as a beacon of refuge within my paintings. They embody a sanctuary where one can seek solace, security, and respite from the incessant barrage of external stimuli—a place of deceleration and shelter.
          Central to my artistic narrative is the rich tapestry of cross-cultural significance surrounding the garden motif. This symbolism extends beyond mere aesthetics, resonating with contemporary concerns ranging from climate crisis to self-sustainability and the epidemic of loneliness. My 

canvases evoke echoes of the fabled Garden of Eden, while also drawing inspiration from the intricate ornamentation and fauna-laden imagery found in Middle Eastern rugs—originally conceived as depictions of paradise. Yet, these rugs also evoke the essence of home as a haven of tranquility and hushed contemplation.     

              Within the realm of my artistry lies a profound quest for self-examination—a journey of introspection fueled by the inquiry: Can paradise be found within the confines of the individual self? Can the illusory sanctuary of the garden serve as a conduit for rediscovering one's essence? Through my work, I endeavor to navigate these existential inquiries, inviting viewers to embark on their own odyssey of self-discovery amidst the verdant tapestry of the painted garden.

photo credit: Tamás Farbaky
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